Agri-Lix with Nutri-Zyme Cattle Lick Supplement

Cattle Around Supplement Lick Tank

Cattle Around Supplement Lick Tank

Liquid Cattle Supplement

We Sell Agri-Lix with Nutri-Zyme Additive

Agri-Lix is a liquid rumen supplement formulated and manufactured with the producer in mind. Agri-Lix, with many years of research (college and on the ranch) has proven the product works. Our feed products are natural and environmentally friendly. Our proven, on the ranch research, compared to the traditional liquid feeds (made from urea and molasses), stand alone as a roughage “X” tender.

Nutri-zyme is a concentrated liquid additive derived from natural ingredients that stimulates the beneficial bacteria and microflora within digestiva systems. Nutri-Zyme contains stabilized oxygen and complex carbohydrates — plus enzymes and amino acids which are derived microbially from naturally occuring bacteria and fungi.

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