Yield-Plus Fertilizer

IN-Furrow or Foliar Feeding

We are an authorized dealer of Yield-Plus, covering central and western Missouri.

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Compare Liquid to Dry

Compare 10 gal. of our 3-18-18 to 100 units of P &K dry spread broadcast.
More bushels, less cost.

10 gal. of our 3-18-18 will support 200 bu. corn. No additional dry needed.
Don’t try this with other companies’ 3-18-18. You may have trouble as some have, trying to follow us.
We have lower pH and zero heavy metals.
10 gal. for 200 bu., 8 for 150.
This works. It will not let you down.

Cost Comparison

10 gallons of our 3-18-18 will compare to 100 units of dry P & k
but is one third less cost.

Specs. for Liquid Plant Food 3-18-18

Component Specification
Appearance clear
ph 7.0 – 7.35
Nitrogen % 3.0 – 3.2
P205 % 18.0 – 18.2
K20 % 18.0 – 18.2
Salt Index 38
Freezing Point 0° – 4°F
Salt Out Temperature N/A

Yield-Plus uses tight quality control standards. Components include urea (low biuret), phoshoric acid (food grade or technical grade), potassium hydroxide (meets food chemicals codex).

Specs. for Liquid Plant Food 10-20-10

Component Specification
Appearance clear
ph 7.0 – 7.30
Nitrogen % 10.0 – 10.2
P205 % 20.0 – 20.2
K20 % 10.0 – 10.2
Salt Index 39-40
Freezing Point 0° – 4°F
Salt Out Temperature N/A

Soil pH Affects Availability of Plant Nutrients

Soil pH Affects Plant Nutrient Availability

Maximum availability of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur occurs on a soil with a pH of 6.5 - 7.0. The availability of trace elements is reduced in these soils. Therefore, the proper micronutrients should be used against possible trace element deficiencies when aiming for maximum economic yields.

Salt Index

Definition: An index used to compare solubilities of chemical compounds. Most nitrogen and potash compounds have a high index, and phosphate compounds have a low index. When applied too close to the seed or on foliage, the ones with high indexes cause plants to wilt or die. (The Fertilizer Institute)

Caution: Watch out for false propaganda from competitors that are calculating salt index using a non-industry standard method. A dead giveaway to this fact is that they claim 10-34-0 has a salt-index in the 30s when it is actually in the 70s.
Salt Index

Yield Plus products have a low salt index, increasing seed germination tolerance of near or direct product application.

Soil Test Results

Tennessee dryland corn 150 bu. yield; used 8 gal. Yield-Plus plus normal rate of N.
Note: P1 = Available Soil Phosphorous
Note: P2 = Total Soil Phosphorous
This shows there is no depleting soil nutrients by using in furrow P & K.
Soil Results

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